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Energy... it makes a difference to the way you look as you age

easy 12 point matrix

Hello, we are Qi beauty Women & we are passionate about your skin health.

We are the creators of the Qi beauty Home Kit; A Dermal Performance Patch System using our double gold-coated bio-magnets and the best 12 points for skin recovery. The Home Kit has been a staple skin tool for women around the world since 2006. 

Use your Matrix to stimulate skin and energise the way you look as you age. Ageing is energy loss, Qi beauty is energy renewal.

Customise your matrix

Customise Matrix

Overnight skin therapy

You'll love what Qi can do for your skin. 

Overnight use of the Qi beauty 12 point Matrix shows an increase in skin kinetic energy associated with a more youthful appearance.

Static Magnetic Fields increase innate antioxidant production of SOD by 34%.

Qi beauty Dermal Performance Home Kit increases skin permeability, so your best skin care products perform even better.

Skin training for youthful energy at every age

skin kits for every age

The Science

Overnight use of the Qi beauty Home Kit 12 Point Anti-Age Matrix shows an increase in thermal skin energy; an increase in cell kinetics associated with younger skin. Qi beauty results indicate an increased ability for dermal compounds, including collagen and elastin, to move more freely during stimulation to deliver a constellation of results for skin health. Controlled varying gradients determine the movement of compounds into desired areas for natural results that have a lasting impact on skin. Static Magnetic Influences on skin have been shown to increase skin permeability and skin performance. The Qi beauty Home Kit is a Dermal Performance Patch System and Transdermal Delivery System designed for energetic skin health recovery